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Waiter there's data in my Negroni: Data61 takes on Amazon and Google
"Now data is easy and cheap to collect so the balance of power has shifted." She likens it to how public libraries democratised information when books were only the domain of aristocratic families. "T...

5 counterfeit cons you need to know about
Don't search the internet for the cheapest ... for the flights, hotel and transfers. Don't just rely on one online review of the company, do a thorough search. Check the web address is legitimate and ...

Kapil Sharma returns to TV in October
In a recording of the phone conversation, which has been in the public domain since ... seeking publication of contradiction to the wrong information about him in the movie and an apology.

Emirates: More of Europe to explore
Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is commonly overlooked by visitors ... experience at the many saunas peppered around Helsinki. For more information on Emirates, including how to book flights and a com...

Where are the cheapest and most expensive countries in the EU?
Bulgaria is the cheapest country in the European Union for consumer goods and services, while Denmark is the most expensive, according to new data published by Eurostat. The data, which covers prices ...

Blur's Alex James heads to Bulgaria with his family to stay in a very big house in the country
Almost everyone I mentioned it to looked at me with disbelief and said: 'Bulgaria ... incredibly cheap, amazing ancient history, beautiful scenery, and nice people. It's somewhere else altogether. The ...

Internet Of Things Can Be Beneficial To Airline MROs
With Internet of Things (IoT) technologies all around us, underpinned by a growing array of connected devices working concurrently with one another and automatically capturing data, airlines are incre...

'Accidental hero' triggers 'kill switch' to halt spread of ransomware behind NHS cyber attack
Purchase of the domain reportedly cost $10.69 (£8.30), marking a relatively cheap way to put an end to a virus thought to have hit companies and organisations in more than 70 countries. "I saw it [the ...

New Humble Bundle, Ghosts For $43, Dirt Cheap Borderlands 2 [Deals]
Huge Seal is a new, interesting take on the indie bundle concept. After signing in with your Steam account you'll choose 5 coupons for indie games from a list of 30, and buying 3 games with your coupo...

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