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Changes to the Domain Name Marketplace
The new gTLD program and the introduction of 1200+ new domain name registries has significantly ... Registrars had neither the inclination to sell .museum names (given the registration restrictions) nor to allow .museum to sell domains directly to museums.

WIPO sides with IBM in domain name dispute
As such Popovic was “well aware” of IBM’s trademarks and registered the domain names in bad faith. In addition the mark is distinctive and “it is difficult to imagine someone randomly choosing three letters composing the trademark to register as a ...

First Things First: Finding and Registering Your Website Domain
Finding and registering your website domain name this way is more expensive and time consuming. Your best course of action is a domain search tool when time and money are issues.

dotFM embraces emoji domain names
This is the practice of registering a domain name that looks similar or identical to ... such as via clickable HTML anchor text or search terms typed into web search engines. Indeed, this is how most emoji domain names are accessed. By way of an example ...

Tips From a CPA: Nine Critical Items to Consider Before Starting Your Photography Business
This can be done with any domain provider (e.g., GoDaddy, Wordpress, Squarespace). After you purchase your name, build your website, and start seeing your photography business rise in the search engine rankings, please make sure you keep your domain active.

Set Up a Custom Domain on
In terms of customer perception and search engine rankings, it’s beneficial if your custom domain name represents your products and services well. If you want to learn more about the best techniques for choosing a good domain for ranking in Google ...

7 Google Algorithm Updates Every SEO Should Know
Less knowledgeable webmasters may use this as an argument that SEO is ineffective, but it actually proves the opposite: search engines can tell the good sites ... Penguin and Pigeon, to name but a few. Check if you’ve been hit by any of them.

How does Web Hosting Relate to Blogging?
Here you can install the program, and it would require you to register your domain name. However ... and you can find the user guide on how to install WordPress manually. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most popular buzzword among the bloggers ...

Domain Registration
We've made the process of registering or transferring a domain easier than ever. Just perform a quick domain search, answer a few quick questions ... When registering a domain, the name, address and phone number you submit must be published to the WHOIS ...

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