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How to use domain names for marketing
Although many small businesses do just fine with using one domain name, companies of all sizes can certainly benefit from registering multiple domain names as part of their domain name strategy. Havin...

Does Registering Your Domain for Longer Periods Help You Rank Better?
There's a conversation going on in our Small Business Ideas forum about domain registration and the impact it has on search engine rankings ... you will rank better if you register your domain name fo...

What is an exact match domain (EMD) and how can you safely use one?
For example, if the search engine gives greater weight in ranking results to words used in the domain name associated with websites, a company may attempt to trick the search engine into ranking the c...

4 domain name registration myths debunked
These online stores make it easy to search for available domain names with name suggestion tools. They also offer complementary services, such as web hosting and website design so you can register a d...

New Domain Extensions as Good as Any Other for SEO Rankings
Have you ever tried to register a domain ... s online marketing and search engine ranking. After all, ranking high on search results and staying up there is top priority for any business. While choosi...

Does the Length of a Domain Registration Affect Your Rank?
you might consider registering your domain name for 5 or 10 years. While putting off your domain name's expiration date might help your search engine rankings, keep in mind that this may be only a sma...

New Domain Names to Eradicate Need for Search Engines?
In its Internet 2020 report, Netnames revealed that 80% of internet users think the new domain names, such as .london, .shop and .sport, will make it easier to type a company’s web address into a brow...

Find your perfect domain name
With Media Temple ... try to register your own name, as that will be the easiest way for people to find your work. Remember, domain names are how people find your website, so they should be simple, di...

Trade marks: infringement by search engine programme
The Court of Appeal has held that there was no infringement of a trade mark by unfair advantage through use of a search engine advertising programme ... If the ARGOS name and domain name had been deli...

35 Web Design and Development Terms Every Marketer Should Know
DNS – Domain Name Servers (DNS) are like the Internet’s version of ... Meta Tag – An HTML tag that is used by search engines to index a site. Meta tags store information about a web page, such as its ...

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