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Branding advice: Why your business will benefit from multiple domain names
This is where it can get tricky — coming up with a brand and making sure no one else has had first dibs over the name. The question here is this: Should you register more than one domain name? Also Re...

Verisign files intriguing domain backorder patents
Application number 15/488984 for “Domain Name Registration Reservation Through the Use of Encoding ... by merely transferring the encoding domain to them. There could also be multiple ranked rights to ...

How to Use DNS Analytics to Find the Compromised Domain in a Billion DNS Queries
The 4 Types of Advanced DNS Analytics We can begin to understand the multiple types of advanced ... data streams of ongoing DNS queries, domain name registration data (WHOIS) and digital ...

Fleio billing 1.1 adds OpenStack Rocky support and domain name registration
Fleio works with multiple OpenStack geographic regions and allows end ... Fleio version 1.1 adds support for the latest OpenStack® version - Rocky, domain name registration and management, ability to ...

Why the Public Directory of Domain Names Is About to Vanish
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the US-based private company that coordinates internet domains and IP addresses, required companies that register domain ... there are ...

Donuts Launches Travel.Domains Website
"The integration experience with the registrar's shopping-cart is one ... with those looking to maximize their offers across multiple vacation rental sites. In fact, earlier in 2018, the domain name w...

Cloudflare announces no-markup domain name registrar
Cloudflare announced today that it is expanding its domain name registrar offering in a bid that could shake ... in 2016 but it was designed only to serve companies that needed multiple layers of auth...

U.S. government domain officials to start using 2FA
DotGov -- the government domain registrar for all .gov domains -- began ... for whom the rollout will run alphabetically by city name, beginning in mid-November and ending in January 2019.

CloudFlare Launches Domain Name Registrar Focused on Security
CloudFlare's secure registrar service will work on the principle that companies would need to have multiple employees that would approve any change to the domain name's settings at the same time. This ...

Polish Registrar Shuts Down Multiple Domains Used by Virut Botnet
the Polish domain registrar in charge of .pl top-level domains, has shut down a number of domains used by the notorious Virut botnet. According to Poland’s Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT Polsk...

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