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Multiple domain names congregate to one server
If your organization has multiple Domain Name System (DNS) names for its server, or is hosting mail for several organizations, you can assign more than one DNS name that will point to the same Exchang...

Why Registering Multiple Domain Name Extensions is good for business?
When it comes to registering a domain name, one of the basic stuff is website owner must focus on is the selection of domain name and domain extension which is also called as TLDs (Top Level Domain Ex...

Branding basics: 6 ways your business can benefit from multiple domain names
Registering variations of your domain name will ensure that these users will not be directed elsewhere,. even if a potential user mis-types or mis-spells the domain name. If you register a few more do...

Branding advice: Why your business will benefit from multiple domain names
This is where it can get tricky — coming up with a brand and making sure no one else has had first dibs over the name. The question here is this: Should you register more than one domain name? Also Re...

The importance of multiple domain names and web addresses
... com domain name and established your business’s main website using the .com domain name, you’re ready to expand your business’ online presence. Registering multiple domain names will not only help ...

4 domain name registration myths debunked
99 per year. In fact, the relatively low cost of domain name registrations can help businesses to register multiple domain names and build a domain name portfolio for use in marketing campaigns or bra...

Domain name 'admin' role eyed up as latest victim of Whois system's GDPRmeggdon
The long-standing but outdated "admin" role associated with every internet domain name will be killed off under new recommendations ... Having tried and failed multiple different ways to take control ...

Analysis of Domain Names Registered Across Multiple Existing TLDs and Implications for New gTLDs
Hypothesis – Trademark holders are not, in general, registering their trademarks as domain names across the existing top-level domain (TLD) namespace. • Methodology – Examine the domain names register...

Cloudflare announces no-markup domain name registrar
Cloudflare announced today that it is expanding its domain name registrar offering in a bid that could shake ... in 2016 but it was designed only to serve companies that needed multiple layers of auth...

Running Multiple Domain Names on Apache Server
BTW the words that make up a domain names are used by search engines to evaluate websites in search results. It is a good idea to register multiple domain names that are similar to your website’s main ...

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