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Amazon buys domain name for Fulfillment by Amazon
European company with FBA acronym sells domain name to (NASDAQ ... This includes both companies selling products through the Amazon marketplace as well as ecommerce site...

Niue is suing a giant Swedish foundation over a domain name
Quite a lot of money' to be made from lucrative domains People, businesses and even countries can make millions of dollars from selling, or licencing website and domain names — Niue's Pacific ...

Efty powers up domain payments potential with new tech from
Efty has become the latest prominent domain name industry player to adopt the full capabilities ... “ has had a longstanding relationship with Efty, and together we have helped people sell a...

Toorak mansion to sell for $52 million, in Victoria’s second-most expensive sale
The residence at 53-55 Irving Road is said to have sold in a quiet deal without being advertised for sale, Domain understands ... part of the city’s wealthy family of the same name. Melbourne’s top-en...

Our Alphabet Stock Prediction In 2019 (Buy or Sell?)
The search engine is a tool that has transformed our daily lives. Google was registered as a domain name in 1997 and became available to the public in 1998. Google wasn’t the first search engine but i...

Choosing the Right Extension for Your Domain Name
It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, medium, or large company, or if you’re selling hairpins or rocket ... the importance of choosing a top-level domain (TLD). Your TLD is the thing that follows the n...

Tesla had “Faraday” as a backup name before buying “Tesla Motors” trademark for $75k
An extended clip provided on CBS News also revealed that prior owner Siewert didn’t want to sell the trademark to the vehicle manufacturer ... the wonder isn’t why someone would hold onto the domain n...

Canadian rock band The Tea Party may make millions selling domain name
There is a lot of talk about the Tea Party these days, but anyone hoping for information on the U.S. political party should not go to This website is owned by the defunct Canadian rock b...

Poker is dead: trying to sell domain name for $20m, nobody told them
Haven’t you heard, poker is dead, but the team at didn’t get the memo because they’re trying to sell the domain name for $20m and change. There is a domain name called I’m n...

Here’s why it’s going to be hard to sell your .App domain names
Buyers will have a difficult time contacting you. Over 150,000 .App domain names have already been registered. While some of these are being put to use, domain name investors are certainly a big reaso...

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